Articolo:V15-IKB I3-8130U 15.6IN: 4GB DDR4 256GB SSD NOOD NOOS IT

A versatile laptop for an assortment of tasks. the Lenovo V15 notebook delivers value for money with its impressive performance and ultraslim design.nnPowered by the 8th Generation Intel Whiskey Lake or Intel Kaby Lake Processors. NVIDIA graphics. and dual drive* storage options. this 15-inch laptop powers day-to-day business tasks like creating a presentation for a sales pitch. running ERP applications. and accounting work with spreadsheets. nnSleek Design: its ultraslim chassis and narrow bezelless than 7.5mm with a body to screen ratio of 82%offer the screen real estate of 16 inches in a 15-inch laptop footprint. This not only allows for easy portability but also provides a wider
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